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Neil Gunn Memorial Sculpture

Neil Gunn, Highland Writer 1891-1973

Memorial Sculpture

The sculpture at Dunbeath Harbour was erected by the Neil Gunn Society on 8th November, 1991 to honour the centenary of the birth of the Highland Writer, Neil Miller Gunn, who was born in Dunbeath on 8th November, 1891. The sculpture is of Kenn, a boy of nine, the central figure in the novel Highland River. It shows him carrying home the huge salmon he caught with his bare hands in the Well Pool beside the Telford Bridge over the Dunbeath River.
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of all that befell Kenn afterwards, of war and horror and love and scientific triumphs, nothing ever had quite the splendour and glory of that struggle by the Well Pool

- Highland River

The sculptor of the memorial was Mr Alex Main from Halkirk. The memorial was cast in bronze by Powerhall Bronze, Edinburgh and is erected on ground belonging to the Dunbeath Preservation Trust with the consent of the Dunbeath Harbour Users Association.