The Lost Chart

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Stokoe Code: A51
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Place: London
Date: 10th May 1949

First Edition:
THE LOST CHART | by | NEIL M. GUNN | [space] | FABER AND FABER LIMITED | 24 Russell Square | London

[A] (8), B - I (8), No J, K - U (8), No V & W, X - Y (8), 176 leaves.
p. [1] THE LOST CHART; p. [2] By the same author; p. [3] Title page; p. [4] [ital] Publisher's and Printer's notices: First published MCMXLIX; pp. 5 - 352 Text.
5" x 7 1/2". Bound in blue cloth, spine stamped in gold:
[title in decorative scroll] THE | LOST | CHART | [ital] a novel by | NEIL M. | GUNN | [space] | FABER

Other Editions:
Richard Drew | Glasgow | 1987 (With a foreword by Dairmid Gunn)
Part of the story "Sun and Moon" was utilised as part of this novel. It first appeared in: The Scots Magazine | Dundee | November 1942 | pp. 123 - 126.
Soft Editions | Gullane | 2004 (also available as an ebook)

During the Second World War, Gunn was in charge of shipping, and routing ships round mine fields on the west coast of Scotland. He reported to, and was instructed by, the Admiralty at Kinlochleven. He has drawn on his war time experiences in this novel.
"The Lost Chart" is a complicated story of espionage and counter-espionage set in the cold war period of the later 1940's.

Details from C J L Stokoe's Bibliography